Chiba Seminar Participant Letter

Hello Chiba Seminar Participant,

God has worked mightily in preparing for next week’s CPI Super Seminars. 14 presenters are preparing for the 92 gathering in Chiba from many parts of Japan. We are glad you are a part of this event which includes four seminars, two which are new on marriage and parenting.

Seminar check-in is open Monday at 12 pm and the seminar begins at 1pm. The seminar ends on or before 4pm on Wednesday. Plan to attend the closing session. The detailed schedule is at

Directions by car, train, or on foot are at the website For those arriving at Honda Station there will be a shuttle on Monday at 12 noon for those arriving at 11:58 and at 12:30 for 12:26 arrival. Please exit the station at the south exit. Go down the stairs and look for a van with a CPI sign. Shuttles will also run on Weds to return people to the station [from Honda Chapel at 16:15 (for 16:31 and 16:47 trains) and 16:45 (for the 17:07 train)]. Please write us if you plan to come by train and take the shuttle.

Please eat or buy your lunch before you come. There is not much around Honda station except convenience stores and there is nothing near Honda chapel. You are welcome to bring your lunch and eat when you arrive.

We would appreciate you bringing exact change as it really helps our registration staff. Please bring some money to buy some of the good books for sale. There will also be some free materials available. Please bring along your Bible and notebook.

For those staying in onsite housing and you are coming by car please write us. Also bring the following items. 1. A pair of sheets and a pillowcase. 2.  Towels 3. Blankets or Sleeping bag if you need an extra.

Any last minute questions or issues please write us at

And one last thing, please ask God to prepare your heart as well as bless everyone at this event.

God bless! See you next week,

JEMA Church Planting Institute (CPI)
CPI Seminar Staff

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