CPI Core Values

The Mentality of the Kingdom
We value the whole Kingdom of God. We believe that we are only a small part of the kingdom. The Kingdom of God is more important than our own organization and our own activities.

The Mutuality of Partnerships
We value the partnerships between missionaries and Japanese, Japanese and Japanese and missionary and missionary. God calls us to cooperation and mutual help. We can do far more together than what we can do on our own. We believe in interdependence.

The Methodology of Church Multiplication
We value church planting as God’s instrument in discipling the nations worship Him. We believe that healthy churches grow, multiply disciples, and reproduce their ministry in other churches. We value highly reproducible church planting movements.

Coaching and Mentoring of Leaders
Leaders are vital for the harvest to be completed. It is only strong, empowered national church leaders which will help fulfill the vision of a church planting movement. We believe in coaching them to develop their greatest potential personally and professionally. This is best done in an intentional and deliberate networks.

The Power of the Gospel
The Gospel is everything God did for us in Christ. It is in the message of the cross alone that has great power. Indeed, it is the only power that will truly transform individuals, the family, society and nations. The true power is not to be found in methods, strategies and resources but in what God can do for us through Christ.

The Incarnational Nature of Ministry and the Church
Truly only ministry like Jesus is effective in winning people. Persuasive communication of the gospel is found in the communicators themselves. We prioritize Godly character over ministry skills. We desire to develop indigenous ministries on the incarnational model. The ministry model is servanthood, humility and total dependence on God.

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