Biblical, Effective Evangelism that works in Japan

Dear Partners in the gospel for the sake of God’s glory in Japan,

Below are some things and ideas I / we have found helpful in our church planting evangelism. Hope they are also helpful to you.
By His grace, for His global glory, Dan Iverson

* “Biblical, Effective Evangelism that works in Japan”

Chiba CPI Regional Training Day
Thurs, June 7th from 9:30am
see CPI web site for day’s schedule, directions, etc
Come and bring Japanese partners and lay leaders. ¥1000 each
Our church staff and lay leaders will be sharing much practical
stuff, and much discussion time learning from each other also.

* Also below:
1. Which of these many dendo events do we do… how do we choose, prioritize?
2. How our focus and our use of time in evangelism changes as a church plant matures…and … ABUNAI… DANGER!
3. Lay-generated ideas and execution: Moves evangelism to new level… how to get there.
4. Why we need to quit (help others quit) “zero-defect” mentality and perfectionism for evangelistic events. It really hurts our effort!
5. Use the same preparation 10 times to multiply effect with less effort & time.

– Bad chirashi, and how this contributes to poor attendance at evangelistic events.
– Why “Toku den” is “tokubetsu ni yowai dendo” now a days.

*49 event ideas you can use for outreach, pre-evangelism, and
are listed below, in English and Japanese. They range
from after-school program for neighborhood kids and mothers, to house
tours of missionaries at Christmas time. Some are old ones everyone
uses, and some are new ones we have recently begun using.

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