2019 National Conference Consultants

Please direct any general questions to Tomoko Steinbach at cpisteinbach@gmail.com

Tomoko Steinbach: I have an M.A in Christian Counseling with 15 years of cross-cultural experience and 10 years supporting internationals as they adjust to a new culture. My current focus is helping individuals understand themselves in their struggle with depression, trauma, relational issues, and spiritual issues. I also work with couples experiencing marital issues. I am fluent in both English and Japanese and currently work as a Christian counselor in the Chiba/Tokyo area.

Yuko Muhling: M.A in Behavior Therapy, M.A in Christian counseling. Licensed Mental Health counselor in FL (since 2004). Has worked with delinquent teenagers and with adults facing depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief issues.  Worked with married couples having marriage issues. Fluent in English and Japanese. Currently serving with her husband, Kent, in Sendai as church planting missionaries.

Chie Burns: A Graduate of the Master’s University Biblical Counseling program. She practices counseling for her church and community in the Nagoya area. Chie grew up in Japan, studied in the States, and can counsel both in English and Japanese.

Lee Baas, Ph.D.: Psychology, M.B.A. President, WITS (Walking In Their Shoes) International, U.S. Base – Michigan, U.S.A. We provide confidential active and pro-active care to expatriate humanitarian workers wherever they are working in the world. This is provided without cost. Our primary focus is to assist those with Christian mission, educational and relief organizations. Along with individual counseling, we are available for workshops and seminars. On-site service is our primary emphasis.Lee has worked with mission and relief organizations in both Asia and Africa for 30 years.

Jacquie Willson (Educational Consultant): Jacquie grew up in Japan as the daughter of missionaries and spent her childhood years in Toyama prefecture. Her schooling experiences are varied including time in Japanese preschool, international schools, public school in Canada, and an extended time doing homeschooling in Japan. She is married to Stephen and they raised three daughters in Japan. Jacquie is an educator and has been an elementary classroom teacher, a school principal and most recently the Director of School Support Services at Christian Academy in Japan. Her responsibilities includes educational consulting services for homeschooling families and small Christian schools across Japan. 

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