2019 National Conference Electives & Trainers

ELECTIVES – November 15 (Friday) 9-10:30AM

1Rural Network
(Convention Hall SA)
Martin GhentBilingual
2Training & Multiply
(Conventional Hall SB)
Makoto SaekiJapanese
3CBI Joy of Japan
(Conference Center A)
Gary WatanabeEnglish
(Convention Hall MA)
Seita SakaguchiBilingual
5Soma Japan
(Conventional Hall MB)
Yoshito NoguchiJapanese
6Keeping Your Heart and Keeping Yourself in the Race
(Conference Center C)
Robert GreeneEnglish

SESSION:  Rural Network (Bilingual)

Trainer:  Martin Ghent. Martin has been a church planter with OMF International in Japan for 33 years. He is married and has 4 adult children.

Session Description: People living in communities as large as 300,000 or as small as a remote village, people who work in factories and city offices or others who work on farms- the 40 million people living outside urban centers in Japan still need the gospel. As mission groups and established churches, we could be networking, to reach this hidden face of Japan. Find out what is happening today and how you could be involved.

SESSION:  Training & Multiply (Japanese)

Trainer:  Makoto Saeki is pastor of Kochi Grace Church of the Japan Holiness Mission.  After graduating from Tokyo Bible Seminary in 1985, he was sent to the Ochi Christ Church (a church located in the mountainous area in Koch Pref.), where he started church planting in Kochi City.  He moved around five different locations for planting churches before purchasing a home and launching a house church in Ino-machi, neighboring town of Kochi City.  He started working on T&M in 2016 and continues to serve as a facilitator and leader in this movement.

Session Description: This session will discuss T&M efforts in addressing church planting survival issues.  Makoto Saeki will explore issues that threaten local churches including church planting in rural areas, next generation issues, and how they sought the word of God together which brought a renewed sense of direction in church planting discipleship movements through Training & Multiply.

SESSION:  CBI Joy of Japan (English)

Trainer:  Gary Watanabe. Gary works for two organizations. He is a church planting catalyst for City to City Asia Pacific (CTC AP) networking, training, and coaching.  He also is the Coordinator of the Joy of Japan Center for Church Planting & Development which seeks to support the MTW Christ Bible Institute vision to train the next generation of church pastors and leaders.

Session Description: Sooner or later every church, like a marriage relationship, faces a need for renewal. Why does every church need renewal? What are the indicators? What does such renewal look like?  How does it happen? We’ll attempt to answer these questions exploring them from a theological, contextual, and personal perspective.

SESSION: Worship (Bilingual)

Trainer:  Seita Sakaguchi. After serving as a pastor at Sovereign Grace Church (Fairfax, Virginia USA) for several years, Seita and his wife Emma with their four children were sent by the church to Tokyo in 2014 to be involved in church planting. They are planting a new church in Toyosu called Toyosu Community Church.

Session Description: We worship constantly, but we don’t always worship the right object. In this session we will explore how we as pastors and church leaders can shape the corporate gathering of the church to be biblically sound and experientially robust, directing people’s affections and fostering a lifestyle of worship toward the only right object of worship – the triune God of the Bible.


Trainer:  Yoshito Noguchi. Yoshito Noguchi is the pastor of SOMA Fuchu (part of SOMA Family of Churches Worldwide and the Acts 29 Network). After graduating from Trinity Seminary in Chicago he returned to Japan in 2002 and worked as a youth minister at Grace Mission Church in Osaka. In 2011, Grace Mission Church sent him out as a pioneer church planter in Fuchu city, Tokyo. He planted a church from ground zero while working full time as a home care worker.

Session Description:  “Soma” is a Greek word used in the New Testament to describe the “body of Christ,” the church.  Christ Himself dwelled among us and we, as the body of Christ, are the church.  Soma Japan believes that Japan will become a new Japan through the spread of the Gospel being lived out daily in our communities.  What is the definition of community?  How do communities begin in our neighborhood?  How is the gospel penetrated in our local communities through our daily lives?  Please join us.

Keeping Your Heart and Keeping Yourself in the Race

Trainer:  Robert Greene, lead pastor of Redemption Hill Church, Richmond, Virginia

Session Description: As important as strategies and plans are; the Bible never says “keep your plans with all diligence” it says to “keep your heart”. If we are not intentional to cultivate the joy of the gospel in our hearts, even the best-laid plans of church planting can’t keep us in the race for haul.

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