2019 National Conference Main Speakers

Jeff Vanderstelt

The main speaker, Jeff Vanderstelt (JeffVanderstelt.com) is the visionary leader for Saturate, the Soma Family of Churches and a teaching pastor at Doxa Church in Bellevue, Washington. He travels around the world training and equipping the church in the gospel and missional living and is the author of Saturate, Gospel Fluency and Making Space.

Ryuta Kimura

After graduating from Regents Theological College in England, Ryuta Kimura worked as a pastor and leader in various roles at some churches in England, Switzerland, and Japan for more than ten years. He planted Double O Cross Church in Kichijoji, Tokyo six years ago and has been the lead pastor of the church.

Yoshito Noguchi

Yoshito Noguchi is the pastor of SOMA Fuchu (part of SOMA Family of Churches Worldwide and the Acts 29 Network). After graduating from Trinity Seminary in Chicago he returned to Japan in 2002 and worked as a youth minister at Grace Mission Church in Osaka. In 2011, Grace Mission Church sent him out as a pioneer church planter in Fuchu city, Tokyo. He planted a church from ground zero while working full time as a home care worker.

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