2019 National Conference Vital Principles & Trainers

VITAL PRINCIPLES (A) November 14 (Thursday) 11-12:30PM

1Gospel in Life & Ministry (Part 1 of 2)
(Convention Hall MA)
Seima AoyagiJapanese
2Gospel in Life & Ministry (Part 1 of 2)
(Convention Hall MB)
Jeremy SinkEnglish
(Convention Hall SA)
Seth PhilipEnglish
4Sharing the Gospel Where You’re Called
(Convention Hall SB)
Tetsuya DedachiJapanese
5Developing Leaders in the Church
(Conference Center A)
Yoshiya HariJapanese
6Small Groups
(Conference Center C)
Drew ChoEnglish
7Sharing the Gospel in Japanese Soil
(Conference Room “Sutera”)
*From the hotel main lobby, take stairs to 2F
John MehnEnglish

VITAL PRINCIPLES (B) November 14 (Thursday) 7:30-9PM

1Gospel in Life & Ministry (Part 2 of 2)
(Convention Hall MA)
Seima AoyagiJapanese
2Gospel in Life & Ministry (Part 2 of 2)
(Convention Hall MB)
Jeremy SinkEnglish
(Conventional Hall SA)
Seth PhilipJapanese
(Conventional Hall SB)
Andy RodriguezEnglish
5Small Groups
(Conference Center C)
Makoto FukudaJapanese
6Multiplying Churches in Japanese Soil
(Conference Room “Sutera”)
*From the hotel main lobby, take stairs to 2F
John MehnEnglish

VITAL PRINCIPLES A & B SESSIONS: Gospel in Life & Ministry (two part session, Japanese)

TRAINER:  Seima Aoyagi. Seima serves as lead pastor of Grace Harbor Church in Toyosu. After serving in student evangelism for seven years in Chiba where he was born and raised, Seima moved to the USA where he interned at a church in San Diego after graduating from Covenant Theological Seminary with a Masters in Divinity. The family returned to Japan in 2011 where he served as the Director of the Disaster Relief Support Ministry for the Grace City Church for one year before beginning to be involved in church-planting. He currently lives in Toyosu with his wife and has four children.

VITAL PRINCIPLES SESSIONS A & B: Gospel in Life & Ministry (two part session, English)

TRAINER:  Jeremy Sink, Jeremy serves as lead pastor of the All National Fellowship in Nagoya.  Additionally, Jeremy and his wife Gina are involved in mentoring and training young church planters and Christian leaders through partnerships with Christ Bible Institute and CPI.

SESSION DESCRIPTION (for both English & Japanese sessions): This is an introduction to Serge’s Sonship curriculum (also presented at CPI’s Grace Week seminars that are held during the year).  The curriculum is based on the conviction that we can’t take the message of the gospel to others without continually applying it to our own hearts.  We will spend the week soaking our hearts in the life-changing Gospel message and considering practical ways of living it out. Bring your whole ministry team to help develop a Gospel-centered culture for your team.  Please join us!

VITAL PRINCIPLES SESSION A & B: Discipleship (Session A in English, Session B in Japanese)

TRAINER:  Seth Philip, Seth and his wife Megan have been planting churches with Mustard Seed Network in Japan since 2010. They have three children and live in Kyoto. Seth helped with the early season of Mustard Seed Christian Church – Nagoya while attending language school. In 2011 their family helped plant MSCC Osaka where Seth served on staff for 6 years. In 2017 the Philips moved to Kyoto to plant MSCC Kyoto.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: What is a disciple? How do we make disciples? How do we help disciples mature in Christ? This class will survey the Biblical perspective of discipleship (making disciples and helping disciples mature), consider the context of urban Japan, and take an optimistic look at the resources available to accomplish this mission.

VITAL PRINCIPLES SESSION A: Sharing the Gospel Where You’re Called (Japanese)

TRAINER:  Tetsuya Dedachi (Oyumino Christ Church/Honda Chapel)

SESSIONS DESCRIPTION: As a church planter we’re called to share the gospel.  However at times we are lost to what this really looks like in our ministry.  To whom and where do we share the gospel?  Let’s consider together what it looks like to evangelize in our community.  Topics will include “side door” evangelism, discipleship, making relationships, small groups.


TRAINER: Drew Cho, Drew is a graduate of CAJ 99′, UCLA 03′, Westminster Theological Seminary 07’  His church planting experience includes starting the New Community Church in Shinagawa in 2015 and from this April he has also begun pastoring at Shoutai Church in Kawasaki city.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: The Word of God tells us to love one another in the church, but the question is how.   The small group ministry answers how we love one another inside the church on a practical level.


TRAINER: Andy Rodriguez, Andy serves as the lead pastor of Mustard Seed Christian Church in Nagoya, a church he helped plant in 2009. He also serves as the Vice-President of Mustard Seed Network, a network of church-planting churches in urban Japan.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Whether you are a lead church planter, a church member, a homemaker, or a student, we all have a sphere of influence. This session will help you implement Christ-centered leadership principles and habits to help you grow in whatever leadership responsibilities God has given you.

VITAL PRINCIPLES SESSION A: Sharing the Gospel in Japanese Soil (English)

TRAINER: John Wm. Mehn. John is a missionary with Converge, a member of the CPI Leadership team and author of Sharing the Gospel in Japanese Soil: Understanding Japanese Religious Beliefs.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: How can we understand the Japanese to be more effective in sharing the Gospel? We will discuss actionable principles in engaging Japanese religious beliefs and worldview. What are contact points for contextualization in order to transform people and society? This seminar is for those new or experienced in evangelizing Japanese.

VITAL PRINCIPLES SESSION B: Multiplying Churches in Japanese Soil (English)

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Are there reproducing churches and movements of multiplication happening in Japan? No matter what stage you are in, come and let’s dream and consider how churches reproduce and multiply in this context. We will highlight the vision and practice of accelerating Church reproduction, Church Planting Movements (CPM), and developing healthy growing churches. We will discuss updates to the recent book Multiplying Churches in Japanese Soil.


TRAINER: Makoto Fukuda is currently lead pastor & church planter of Grace City Tokyo and has been a church planter for almost 30 years.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Small groups are essential communities where believers and not yet believers can personally experience the Gospel of Christ.  By living in community we are able to bear witness to being transformed by Christ in our daily lives.  Let’s learn together how we can effectively use small groups in our own communities.

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