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April 12-13,  Next Steps in Church Planting Ochanomizu, Tokyo

April 24-25Private World, Ochanomizu, Tokyo

May 7-11, Grace Week 2, (English only)

September, First Steps in Church Planting (Foundations in Church Planting), Hiroshima

October 15-17, Church Planting Multiplication Vision Festa (Japanese only) Nagoya

October 18-19, Urban Church Planting with City to City, Ochanomizu Christian Center, Tokyo

November, Church Planting 201 Seminar, Osaka


February 18-22 , Grace Week 1: Tokyo, (English only)

November 12-15, CPI National Conference/Pre-Conference





2/19-23, Grace Week 1: Tokyo, (English only)

3/15-16, First Steps in Church Planting (Foundations in Church Planting) (English only), Ochanomizu, Tokyo


2/6-2/17, Grace Week in Tokyo and Nagoya

2/27-28, Rural Japan Church Planting Seminar, Fukuoka – Rural Church Planting Network

4/8, Saturate Japan, Fuchu Tokyo

4/20-23, Four Fields Four Day Intensive Training, Shibuya Tokyo 

7/3-4, Church Multiplication Vision Festa, Sendai (Japanese only)

9/26-28 Global Church Planting Network – 2017 Regional Meeting, Ikoma, Nara Pref.

11/17-20, SATURATE NAGOYA & SATURATE TOKYO, Nagoya & Fuchu, Tokyo

10/25-27, 2017 CPI National Conference, the Heritage Resort, Kumagaya Saitama Pref.


1/22, Gospel DNA (Part One) by Dr. Stephen Um, Tokyo

2/29-3/1, Rural Japan Church Planting Seminar, Gifu. Rural Church Planting Network

6/10-11, Training for Trainers (T4T) with Ying Kai, Tokyo

6/13-14, Training for Trainers (T4T) with Ying Kai, Nagoya

July 4-5, Gospel DNA seminar with Stephen Um at OCC, Tokyo

September 27-30, CPI Seminar at the 6th Japan Congress on Evangelism, Kobe

November, 2-4, CPI Chiba Super Seminar: Church Planting Next Step Seminar/ Gospel Renewal Seminars


1/9-10, Training for Trainers (T4T), Tokyo Kanto

1/12-13, Training for Trainers (T4T), Osaka Kansai

1/16-17, Training for Trainers (T4T), Nagoya Chubu

3/2-3, Rural Church Planting Seminar, Okayama

3/14, Gospel Renewal Seminar, Japanese, Tokyo Kanto

11/11-13, CPI National Conference, Lake Saiko, Yamanashi Pref.


2/28, Gospel Renewal Seminar, Sendai Tohoku

3/3, Gospel Renewal Seminar,Tokyo Kanto

3/4, Leaders’ Summit on Gospel Renewal, Tokyo Kanto

3/6, Gospel Renewal Seminar, Osaka, Kansai

3/8, Gospel Renewal Seminar, Nagoya Chubu

4/28-30, Church Planting Next Steps Seminar, Nagoya Chubu

6/11-13, Church Planting Next Steps Seminar, Osaka, Kansai

9/4-5 SOMA Seminar, Fuchu Tokyo (co-partnered)

11/10-12, Church Planting Next Steps Seminar, Chiba Kanto view

11/10, Gospel Centered Marriage Seminar, Chiba Kanto view

11/11, Gospel Renewal Seminar, Chiba Kanto view

11/12, Gospel Centered Parenting, Chiba Kanto view


11/13-15, CPI National Conference, Fuji Hakone Land, Kanagawa Pref.

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