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Next Steps Seminar

CPI Church Planting NEXT STEPS Seminar

  • For anyone interested or engaged in church planting and multiplication.
  • Church Planting Next Steps is a broad overview of the church planting process. Ten training sessions over 3 days along with worship and prayer times.
  • This in-depth practical equipping taught by experienced Japan practitioners.
  • Designed for those in direct church planting ministry or partnering with Japanese and their coaches.
  • These are NATIONAL EVENTS.  People are encouraged to come from anywhere in Japan.
  • This is both a Japanese & English training event. You are welcome to register for either language track.


“I get encourage in developing leadership skills and get visions about church planting.” (2014 Nagoya Participant)

“This was far and away the best CPI event I’ve ever attended. It just came at the right time and has helped me to focus on several key things I need to do, but has given me passion and hope to do them and not left me feeling lost about what to do and how to do it.” (2014 Nagoya Participant)

“Thank you for having this training. It is such an encouragement as a new church planter to be around others who are like-minded.” (2014 Nagoya Participant)

“CPI church planting seminar… I’m so glad I went. There’s no price tag that you can put on camaraderie with others in the trenches with you…encouragement, prayer, ideas, stimulation…and good food!…who can beat it?” (2010 Seminar Participant)

Inside look video


  1. What is God’s vision for His church in Japan?  VISION
  2. What works in Japan for church planting reproduction? MODEL
  3. How well do I know my ministry focus group?  FOCUS GROUP
  4. How will I go about reaching these people?  STRATEGY
  5. How do I evangelize Japanese? EVANGELISM
  6. How do I develop small group ministries? COMMUNITY
  7. How do I disciple new believers? DISCIPLESHIP
  8. How do I train leadership and mobilize people? LEADERS
  9. Who prays for and with me?  KINGDOM PRAYER
  10. How do I keep from falling apart and keep on task?  PRIVATE WORLD


This is for church planters, church planting team members, pastors, leaders and workers wanting to further the cause of new churches. Learn how to help birth healthy reproducing churches from effective practical workers from Japan. This is an overview of CPI’s 10 church planting training topics. We offer two tracks, one in Japanese and one in English. Also we will be having several affinity groups for networking for special interests.

Japanese video here

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