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Next Steps Seminar

CPI Church Planting NEXT STEPS Seminar

Methodology of Church Planting

  • For anyone interested or engaged in church planting and multiplication.
  • This is designed for those planning to plant a church, just starting out, or those needing a refresher course.
  • Next Steps is the next course from the First Steps of the church planting process.  We will discuss more practical aspects for effective church planting in Japan.
  • This is an English training event.

Date, Time, and Place

  • Dates: April 12~13th (Thur & Fri)
  • Time: Open 9:30 Start 10:00 to 5:00pm.

Detailed participants schedule; 18 April CP NEXT STEPS Participant Schedule FINAL

Seminar Cost

4,000 yen per day. There is a 2,000 yen discount if you come for both days. (6,000Yen)


Dan Iverson, John Wm. Mehn, Seita Sakaguchi, Carlton Walker, and Gary Watanabe and other trainers

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Registration closes on Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

Seminar Sessions

Six Equipping Seminars with 10 options on church planting methodology over 2 days.

  • Vision for Church Planting in Japanese Soil: Opportunities & Challenges.
  • Evangelizing Church: Developing a church that practices evangelism.
  • Church Planting Philosophy of Ministry: Priorities and Values in Ministry.
  • The Prayer Saturated Church: How to Birth a Culture of prayer.
  • Church Planting Philosophy of Ministry: Styles and Strategies in Ministry.
  • Leadership Development: What is leadership and what are appropriate leadership styles of Japanese churches.
  • A Worshiping Church: Biblical Principles to guide our thinking and practice of worship.
  • Communicating the Gospel in the Japanese Context: How to understand the Japanese and communicate the gospel in Japanese soil.
  • Focus: How can I know my ministry target more deeply for more effective ministry.
  • Finishing Well – How do overcome the 5 areas that prevent workers from finishing well.  


This is for church planters, church planting team members, pastors, leaders and workers wanting to further the cause of new churches.  Learn how to help birth healthy reproducing churches in Japan from the experienced.


“I get encourage in developing leadership skills and get visions about church planting.” (2014 Nagoya Participant)

“This was far and away the best CPI event I’ve ever attended. It just came at the right time and has helped me to focus on several key things I need to do, but has given me passion and hope to do them and not left me feeling lost about what to do and how to do it.” (2014 Nagoya Participant)

“Thank you for having this training. It is such an encouragement as a new church planter to be around others who are like-minded.” (2014 Nagoya Participant)

“CPI church planting seminar… I’m so glad I went. There’s no price tag that you can put on camaraderie with others in the trenches with you…encouragement, prayer, ideas, stimulation…and good food!…who can beat it?” (2010 Seminar Participant)

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