Grace Week Feb & May


Intensive Training in Spiritual Renewal 

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2018 Dates:

  • February 19 – 23 (Mon-Fri) at Fukuin no Ie, Tokyo  SOLD OUT. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.
  • May 7 – 11 (Mon-Fri) at Fukuin no Ie, Tokyo

General Schedule:

  • Opening session 10am Monday
  • Daily schedule from 8am to 9pm
  • Grace Week ends at 12pm on Friday

Costs per person: 

  • 35,000 yen with JEMA and Early Payment Discount.  Early Payment Discount Deadline: Jan. 10 for February Grace Week.  Apr. 4 for May Grace Week.  After the deadline, 39,000 yen.  This includes lodging for four nights, 12 meals, materials and seminar fee.

GRACE WEEK will present Serge’s Sonship curriculum in a one week, retreat format.  Through teaching, personal reflection and time spent with a personal mentor you will learn to apply the gospel to the broken, sinful corners of your own heart, just as you have been taking the gospel to our broken world. Most participants say meeting with a spiritual mentor was the most helpful part of the week.

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Come spend time being renewed by your First Love as you learn to live out of His grace and good news.  The same gospel that saved you, also grows you.

Grace Week video

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Sessions Format:

  • Main Teaching Sessions
  • Topic Discussion Groups
  • One-on-one counseling sessions for individual application.


  • Living Like an Orphan or Child of God?  All too often we lose sight of the fact that God is our Loving, Heavenly Father and that it’s his deep, never ending love for us that enables us to love others.
  • The Power of Christ’s Righteousness  It is Christ’s work on the cross that defines us and makes us loved by God.  No our efforts. Not our performance.  Not our ministry.
  • Growing by Grace  Christ’s work doesn’t just define us, it also provides the power for our Christian growth.  The same gospel that saves you, sanctifies you.
  • Understanding Christian Maturity  In order for us to grow to become more like Christ we need to both see our sin more clearly and see how Christ meets our need through his work on the cross.
  • Grace and Obedience   If God already loves us because of what Christ has done, what does this mean for how how pursue obedience to his commands?
  • The Joy of Repentance  When we understand that all of our sins have been completely paid for, repentance becomes a lifestyle that leads us back to the joy of intimacy with Jesus.
  • Spiritual Intimacy  Ever feel like your prayers bounce off the ceiling, or that reading the Bible feels like a chore and doesn’t help much?  Learning to talk to God and hear his promises by faith changes everything.
  • Redeeming Conflict  Everybody has conflict.  Understanding how the gospel reveals our own sin in our conflicts and live out of Christ righteousness transforms conflict from a fight to an opportunity for grace to grow deeper in our lives.
  • Real Forgiveness  Forgiving others is one of he hardest things we are ever called to do.  It also reveals just how much we need God’s grace in our lives to forgive our sins if we are ever going to be able to forgive others for the ways they’ve sinned against us.
  • Renewing Mission  Experiencing God’s love for you anew, each day, is the foundation for a healthy and growing ministry.  The struggles of ministry–when we learn to see them through the lens of grace–push us back to our need for Jesus.

Who should attend:

  • For anyone wishing to grow in their spiritual life and leadership.
  • Excellent for new and older missionaries. Learn from experienced trainers and mentors.
  • For those new to CPI, find out why so many people have been transformed by the gospel.
  • For those who have had some CPI renewal training, your chance to go deeper!
  • GRACE WEEK is designed to take you to the next level of spiritual experience.
  • Couples are highly encouraged to attend. Come and gospelize your marriage.
  • Bring your whole ministry team for gospel-centered ministry.


jeremy-and-gina-emailGina and I attended a Sonship Week in St. Louis, MO early in our marriage.  It is no exaggeration to say that the material was life-changing for us.  It helped our marriage, our parenting, and the way we approach ministry. We are big sinners who need the Gospel every day (present tense=intentional). Before we can take the Gospel to the unbelieving corners of the world, we need to learn to take the Gospel to the unbelieving corners of our own heart! We both are very excited to be able to attend this conference in February.
-Jeremy and Gina Sink, Church Planters



When I first took “Sonship” discipleship course about 15 years ago, I thought I had a good understanding of the Bible and a decent faith walk with the Lord.  The Lord used “Sonship” to change my entire way of thinking and learning, as I began to more clearly and in a much deeper way, to understand some of my heart issues and how I wasn’t living out my faith daily in my home with my husband, children, those around me and in public.  Beginning to learn all this has laid a foundation in my personal life and ministry.
– Anne Marie Smoker, Missionary

Spend this 5-day GRACE WEEK to have the renewed and transformed life by His grace and the gospel for the rest of your life!

These events are limited to 50 people. The 2018 Grace Weeks will be presented in English only. We are strongly encouraging bilingual Japanese to attend. Please note that registrations is for the entire week of training. There is no childcare for this training through we encourage mothers with nursing infants to attend.

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