Covering Letter

Covering Letter

Greetings in the Name of the Lord of the Church.

Japan needs the gospel of Jesus Christ. And Japan needs many more churches. Many, including us, are committed to helping more churches be started in Japan.

We know many clergy start churches in Japan each year. We also can imagine that each year many churches are started by lay people. We do not know how many or where they are. But we know that these churches and leaders need more encouragement and equipping. Also we know that God has used different methods and models for these churches. We are convinced there is not one way to start a church. So we want to learn how pastors and missionaries can facilitate church planting with lay people.

We are conducting some research to learn about lay people who have planted a church. We would appreciate your prayers on behalf of this research project. Also if you know of any lay person who is started a church we would like you to contact us. At our CPI website is an online survey that will take only a few minutes. This will list information on a lay person, a church and yourself. This is the first stage in our research project. Please feel to forward this information to other people for their consideration.

For details of the project please see the attached Lay Church Planters Research Project description. We include some lay church plants and definitions we use in conducting this project. You can follow the progress of the research at Thank you again for your understanding, cooperation, and prayers.

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. John Mehn
Chairman JEMA Church Planting Institute (CPI)

Lay Church Planters
Lay Examples
Online Survey

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