Definition of Lay Church Planter/Leader
A situation where the lay person (not clergy) was the point church planter or pastor of a new church. They were appointed or recognized in the role of the pastor for the spiritual welfare of the congregation and minister with the preaching of the Word and the ordinances. The research will be studying Japanese lay church planters. For this research it is not necessary that they have attended formal theological school (Bible school or seminary) or be commissioned or ordained. They may probably have another vocation or are retired. Clergy may or may not be involved in supporting roles for the church planter. If they desire, after the church is planted these lay people could have become clergy.

Definition of a church
A group of believers identifying themselves as followers of Christ and meeting regularly in a given locality. They are endeavoring in faithfulness to follow the Scriptural requirements as a church including the ministry of the Word, the ordinances, and church discipline. Various models of the church are welcome such as pastor-congregation, cell church, and house church.

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