Lay Examples

1. One example I am aware of is a school teacher that started a church in his home. He continues to pastor this new church and work as a school teacher. There are several people from a church network who support him with his ministry leadership.
2. One pastor is coaching one of his lay people to form a chapel of the church. They have a worship service for his community in his home. Those that attend (apart from this couple) are not connected with the mother church. The mother church pastor meets with him weekly for fellowship and coaching.
3. A middle-aged couple were transferred to this city. They built their home specifically with a larger meeting room in mind. The wife is particularly gifted as an evangelist. They did evangelism and several came to Christ. They gathered people for formal worship services in their home. Later their son graduated from seminary and he has assumed the role of the pastor of this church in their own facility.

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