• Community: How do I develop small group ministries?

Small Group Leadership Training ENG  Small Group Leadership Training JPN

  • Discipleship: How do I disciple new believers?
  • Evangelism: How do I evangelize Japanese?
  • Focus Group: How well do I know my ministry focus group?
  • Kingdom Prayer: Who prays for and with me?

Praying Church 15-11 ENG

  • Leaders: How do I train leadership and mobilize people?
  • Model: What works in Japan for church planting reproduction?
  • Private World: How do I keep from falling apart and keep on task?
  • Strategy: How will I go about reaching these people?
  • Vision: What is God’s vision for His church in Japan?
  • Worship: How do we grow together exalting God?

Worshipping Church 15-11 ENG
Worshipping Church ??????15-11-13 JPN



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