Training Rated 9 Stars!

Rated 9 stars!  Last month’s FIRST STEPS seminar was highly appreciated for its practical and stimulating content. This month CPI has two seminars to build on FIRST STEPS beginning with April 12-13ths, NEXT STEPS.

Along with training seminars are worship, devotions, prayer, fellowship, networking with others in ministry.

Six Equipping Seminars with 10 options on church planting methodology over 2 days.

  1. Vision for Church Planting in Japanese Soil: Opportunities & Challenges. John Mehn
  2. Evangelizing Church: Developing a church that practices evangelism. – Dan Iverson
  3. Church Planting Philosophy of Ministry: Priorities and Values in Ministry – John Mehn
  4. The Prayer Saturated Church: How to Birth a Culture of prayer. Carlton Walker
  5. Church Planting Philosophy of Ministry: Styles and Strategies in Ministry – John Mehn
  6. Leadership Development: What is leadership and what are appropriate leadership styles of Japanese churches. Dan Iverson
  7. A Worshiping Church: Biblical Principles to guide our thinking and practice of worship. – Seita Sakaguchi
  8. Communicating the Gospel in the Japanese Context: How to understand the Japanese and communicate the gospel in Japanese soil. – John Mehn
  9. Focus: How can I know my ministry target more deeply for more effective ministry. Gary Watanabe
  10. Finishing Well – How do overcome the 5 areas that prevent workers from finishing well. – John Mehn

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