Advancing God’s Kingdom by mentoring leaders to be part of a movement that is multiplying churches that are multiplying disciples through the power of the gospel

Mission Statement


チャーチ・プランティング・インスティチュート(CPI)は日本福音宣教師団(JEMA)が後援しております。神は日本や世界に何を用意して下さっ ているのか、その働きの為のヴィジョンを養うのがCPIの目的です。

CPIは、この福音を必要としている国に育まれた、日本固有の福音推進教会設置のムー ブメントを見る為に、宣教団体,宣教師,日本人リーダー,教会の教職や働き人たちによる協力した働きです。皆さんが,この信仰とミニストリー(働き)の冒 険に御参加下さるのを歓迎致します。

How did CPI start?

God has been doing some great things through the Institute since its inception in 1994. It started with 29 missionaries meeting with Dr. Steve Childers–a veteran church-planter and now professor of practical theology–which gave birth to a vision for CPI. Since that time, nearly 3.000 Japanese and foreign gospel workers serving with 150 organizations and coming from over 20 different countries have been involved. There are also about 180 people from throughout the world using our internet services. Missionaries from Hokkaido to Okinawa have been involved with CPI, touching practically every prefecture in Japan.

There is room for your involvement too!